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Scanning (Copies and Printouts)

In the library you can scan documents, articles or book chapters for free.

Chargeable printouts and copies on the TU Dortmund campus:

Students at the Scanner © Jürgen Huhn​/​TU Dortmund

The public copiers have been replaced by public feed scanners that allow you to scan to a USB stick free of charge. Scan Instructions (in German)

Easy to handle overhead scanners are available for free during opening hours. The overhead scanners offer

  • scanning hardbacks ergonomically and with limited risk of material damage, in colour or black & white
  • scanning is possible up to 480 x 360 mm (ca. DIN A3), in the Departmental Library of Architecture and Civil Engineering up to 620x460mm (400 dpi resolution)
  • scans can be saved on USB stick
  • easy to handle touch panel
  • additional pedal for scanning extensive material
  • additional ocr

Manual (in German)

Short manual: scanning via upload/email (in German)


A digital scanner for micro formats (microfiches, microfilm rolls) is available on the ground floor of the Central Library. Please ask at the service center.

More Services

We offer a variety of services for scanning and copying.

Scans are made by library staff. Mostly for rare books and interlibrary loans which are to be read in the reading room only. Costs 35 Cents per page (DIN A 4). Please contact the digitisation department for further information (telephone: 0231 755 4067).


You can make copies or have copies made for you at the digitisation department of the Central Library, notably documents in DIN A 3 - charges.

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