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Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Utility Models, Trademarks, Designs)

Top databases

* Only accessible in the Information Center Technology and Patents

Search aids: What can I find where?

  • HB PAS A  General

    • HB PAS AaGeneral, encyclopaedias, dictionaries
    • HB PAS AcSpecial dictionaries
    • HB PAS AeDirectories
    • HB PAS AfResearch and teaching
    • HB PAS AhBibliographies, cataloguese
    • HB PAS AkPublic relations
    • HB PAS AmInformation brokerage

    HB PAS B  Intellectual property rights

    • HB PAS BbIntroductions, reference books
    • HB PAS BcProcedural law, collections of decisions
    • HB PAS BdAdministrations, patent libraries
    • HB PAS BfOffices for information brokerage
    • HB PAS BhAnnual reports, conferences
    • HB PAS BkBiographies, festschriften
    • HB PAS BmHistorical subjects
    • HB PAS BoCommercial relevance, technology transfer, innovation issues
    • HB PAS BqComparison of laws

    HB PAS C  Patent information and documentation

    • HB PAS CaIntroductions, reference books
    • HB PAS CcGerman patent classification, class indexes, subject indexes, concordance listings, number listings
    • HB PAS CdUS documentation
    • HB PAS CeGerman patent classification, class indexes, subject indexes, concordance listings, number listings
    • HB PAS CfSearch tools, data base searches
    • HB PAS ChDocumentation of special interests

    HB PAS D  Patent law

    • HB PAS DaIntroductions, encyclopaedias
    • HB PAS DcGerman patent law, law texts and legal commentary
    • HB PAS DfEuropean patent law
    • HB PAS DhPatent law of other countries
    • HB PAS DkInternational patent law, PCT treaty legislation
    • HB PAS DmSpecific issues

    HB PAS E  Utility model law

    (mostly filed under Patent law!)

    • HB PAS EaIntroductions, law texts, legal commentary
    • HB PAS EcSpecific issues

    HB PAS F  Trademark law, domains

    • HB PAS FaIntroductions, encyclopaedias
    • HB PAS FcGerman law texts and legal commentary
    • HB PAS FdInternational trademark and domain law
    • HB PAS FeCommercial issues
    • HB PAS FgAdministration of trademarks, cancellations, likelihood of confusion, list of goods and services, classification, non-protectable word elements
    • HB PAS FhSpecific issues
    • HB PAS FpQuality marks, marks of conformity

    HB PAS G  Other fields of law, infringement of intellectual property rights

    • HB PAS GaDesign law
    • HB PAS GbTypographic type faces
    • HB PAS GcPlant patent law
    • HB PAS GdInfringement of intellectual property rights

    HB PAS H  Employee invention law

    • HB PAS HaIntroductions
    • HB PAS HcLaw texts and legal commentary
    • HB PAS HeSpecific issues

    HB PAS K  Exploitation of inventions

    • HB PAS KaIntroductions
    • HB PAS KcLicensing
    • HB PAS KeSpecific issues

    HB PAS M  Copyright law

    • HB PAS MaIntroductions, reference books
    • HB PAS McLaw texts and legal commentary
    • HB PAS MeTopographies (semiconductor circuits)
    • HB PAS MfComputer programs
    • HB PAS MhSpecific issues
    • HB PAS MkInternational treaties


  • DPMA - German Patent and Trade Mark Office
  • EPO - European Patent Office
  • EUIPO - European Union Intellectual Property Office
  • WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization