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Emergency Rules / First Aid

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Behavior in Case of Danger

  • self-protection comes first
  • inform library staff and others
  • fire alarm: break the glass and press the alarm button firmly -> the alarm siren will be set off, the fire brigade and the TU Dortmund control room ("Leitwarte") will be alerted automatically
  • take injured person out of danger area - keep calm - take care of the person until help arrives! First aid in case of unconsciousness: defibrillator
Orange emergency kit hanging on a wall © Ploegerson​/​Unsplash


If the alarm sounds, leave the building immediately! Even if the danger is not apparent to you - be a role model for others. Do not use elevators! The emergency exits are marked.

Give rescue services further information by telephone. The fire department control center is in permanent radio contact with the fire engine / rescue vehicle:

  • Where exactly? - What? - How many? - What injuries? - Wait for further inquiries!


Green emergency exit sign with person running © CC BY-SA 4.0

After Evacuation

Keep the entrance doors clear - go to the next meeting point and make sure that the people you were with are there as well. The building may only be re-entered if it is declared safe to do so by emergency service personnel!

Sign assembly point/meeting point with 4 people and 4 arrows © Rike​/​

What all of Us can Do

Be aware of your (study) environment! Make sure you know where fire extinguishers, fire alarm boxes and emergency exits are located. Dortmund University Library welcomes users to actively contribute to everyone's safety.

Sign with symbol and label fire extinguisher © Rike​/​

More Information

A white keyboard with four green keys. On the green keys are symbols like a telephone, a cell phone, an envelope and an „@“ © marog-pixcells​/​


  • Our service center will help you.
  • For the Departmental Libraries, their respective safety regulations apply. Please ask our staff at the Departmental Libraries for further information.