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Library director: Dr. Joachim Kreische
Deputy directors: Dr. Ute Engelkenmeier, Norbert Gövert, Dr. Kathrin Höhner


Library Administration

Head: Dr. Joachim Kreische

Subject Librarians

Further information about our Subject Librarians.

Information Centre for Technology and Patents (ITP)

Library IT

Head: Michael Schaarwächter

Information and Service

Head: Monika Pushilal
Deputy head: Heike Gerwin

Learning Site and Delivery Services

Head: Heidrun Alde
Deputy head: Nicola Blum

Electronic Media and Data Management

Head: Hans-Georg Becker
Deputy head: Salvina Noto

Print Media and Norm Data

Head: Christian Kirsch
Deputy head: Sarah Müller

Information Skills and Publication Support

Bibliometrics, Text- and Data-Mining