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„The Future of Science Evaluation through Publications“

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In review or appointment processes, in university rankings or in the allocation of third-party funding, publications are used as a central criterion for the evaluation of scientists. The widespread practice of relying primarily on bibliometric indicators is increasingly being questioned, and the discussion about more suitable instruments is in full progress. The DFG has not only published a position paper on this issue, but has also adapted its requirements in grant proposals.


Discussion event with the German Research Foundation (DFG)

  • Date: Thursday, 19.10.2023 from 4.30 to 6 p.m., Rudolf Chaudoire Pavilion, followed by snacks and drinks
  • Registration: Dr. Kathrin Höhner

At TU Dortmund University, we want to discuss current developments in science evaluation with the DFG on 19.10.2023. All interested scientists are cordially invited to the Rudolf Chaudoire Pavilion. After a welcome by the President of TU Dortmund University Prof. Manfred Bayer, Dr. Tobias Grimm from the DFG will present the position paper. Before the panel discussion, which will focus on appropriate criteria for scientific evaluation through publications from the perspective of various disciplines, Dr. Heike Wulfert from the Office of Research Support Services will explain the aspects that need to be specifically considered in funding proposals.

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