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Cooperation with the City and State Library

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Free library card for students of the TU Dortmund

As you could already read on the homepage of the TU, students of the TU Dortmund University will receive a free library card at the City and State Library Dortmund from April on. Conversely, users of the City and State Library will receive a library card from the University Library without having to pay the annual fee of currently 20 euros. The AStA of the TU Dortmund is significantly involved in the cooperation agreement between Dortmund's two largest libraries: It supports the new service offer financially and thus ensures a balance for the different levels of use of the two libraries.

How does it work now?

Starting in April, TU Dortmund students can go to the City and State Library with their UniCard and ID card and get a free annual pass. There they will find a wide range of fiction, non-fiction and reference books, films, sheet music and much more.

At the University Library, City and State Library patrons present their ID card and valid City and State Library card to register. Then they can take full advantage of the University Library's wide range of academic services, borrow books and other media, or download e-books and e-journals on the spot.


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