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Animals and Humans in Picture Books

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Vitrinen mit Büchern und Plakate zur Ausstellung im Foyer der UB © TU Dortmund

As part of a seminar, students selected books from the holdings of Dortmund University Library's collection of historical children's and youth books, which will now be on display for 6 weeks.

Students from the Department of Cultural Studies present picture books in a small exhibition. As part of the seminar "Picture Book Analysis," which deals, among other things, with aspects of the literary history of the picture book, they have selected books from the library's collection of historical children's and youth books and are presenting them in the foyer. The focus is on the humanization of animals and the "animal dreams" of humans.

The borrowable collection of historical children's and youth books is located on the 2nd floor behind Language and Literature (shelf mark group C). On view from Tuesday, August 30 to Friday, October 7, 2022.