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Library for Railway History (DGEG)

Logo of the German Society for Railway History © DGEG

The German Society for Railway History was founded in Karlsruhe in 1967. It is the largest German association of people interested in railroad history, which maintains association activities and railroad museums at various locations in Germany. For the research of railroad and mobile history topics, a central special library was also established in 1967, which has been maintained as a deposit in the Dortmund University Library since 1972 in cooperation with the working group "DGEG Archive and Library". The collection, which is constantly updated, comprises special and technical literature on the history of railroads from a social, technical, legal and cultural perspective. In addition, literature on transportation and communications is offered.

Use of Library Collection

The monographs (shelf mark: EGM) can be borrowed, the journals (shelf mark: EGZ) cannot be borrowed, but can be viewed or scanned.