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Digital Course Catalogs of the Ruhr College of Education

Teachers have been trained at the Ruhr College of Education (PH Ruhr) since 1929. The Dortmund location including its section for special education has been integrated into Dortmund University since 1980.



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Obvious gaps in the records in the 1940s result from the impacts and reactions of the Second World War, the relocation of the Pedagogical Academy to another location, and due to the reconstruction phase in the post-war period. The Ruhr College of Education, located in Dortmund, was merged with the University of Dortmund on April 01, 1980.

Information on the history of the institutions can be found in the chronicle TU Dortmund University - a journey through time.

Would you like to learn more about Dortmund University's history? Files, photographs and other materials are located in the TU Dortmund University Archive. They can be used by appointment and in compliance with legal requirements.