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Freshly licensed: Handbook of Anti-Semitism Database

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The complete "Handbook of Anti-Semitism" is now available as a database. The detailed search mask offers new research possibilities ...

The "Handbook of Anti-Semitism," published by the renowned Center for Research on Anti-Semitism in Berlin, is now available as a database.

In this form, it allows you to quickly access the existing knowledge on the topic of hostility towards Jews without a time or space limit. In doing so, the database contains all 2,200 entries of the printed eight-volume handbook (De Gruyter/Saur, 2008-2015) and also offers research functionalities that enable new perspectives.

Anti-Semitism as the oldest religious, cultural, social, and political prejudice is presented and explained in all its aspects. More than 650 biographies from late antiquity to the present; concepts, theories, and ideologies of anti-Semitism; and more than 700 articles on cultural anti-Semitism in film, theater, literature, and art, among other information, are available here.

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