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„Dragons. From Friedrich Schiller to Cornelia Funke“

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A dragon statue on a building against blue sky © huangshunping​/​Unsplash

Dragons can be found in very diverse forms in literature and (popular) culture. The spectrum ranges from urbane monsters to cute pocket-sized dragons.

Semimar exhibition "Dragons. From Friedrich Schiller to Cornelia Funke".

Dragons appear in sagas, legends and myths of origin as well as in ballads, novels, rock fairy tales, first-reading books and picture books.

The exhibition contributions of the seminar "Dragons. From Friedrich Schiller to Cornelia Funke" (Department of Cultural Studies, Institute for Language, Literature and Culture, Chair of Prof. Dr. Klaus Schenk) therefore show many different perspectives on dragons in literature. Among other things, they deal with the cultural development of dragon concepts, the connection of dragons with gold and fire, and the function of dragons in Cornelia Funke. In addition, first reading books and the media network around Tabaluga are presented.

The themes of friendship, strangeness and species protection run through the different perspectives with varying emphases.