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Textbook Collection

  • Location: On the ground floor of the Central Library. Exception: L Xa and L Xn (Departmental Library of Spatial Planning)
  • Books from our textbook collection can be borrowed by members and associates of the TU Dortmund, the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and the University of Duisburg-Essen (UA Ruhr universities).
L Aa General
L Ba Philosophy
L Be Psychology
L Bg Education
L Bk Rehabilitation Science and Special Needs Education
L Bt Religious Studies, Theology
L Ca Linguistics, Literature, Didactics
L Cp Journalism
L Da History
L Dg Politics
L Ea Geography
  Economics (L Fa - L Fl)
L Fa Macroeconomics
L Fd Business Administration: Overviews, General
L Fe Business Administration: Management
L Ff Business Administration: Financial Management
L Fg Business Administration: Business Accounting
L Fh Business Administration: Logistics and Production
L Fk Business Administration: Marketing
L Fl Business Administration: Information Technology
  Social Sciences (L Fn - L Fo)
L Fn Social Sciences (general)
L Fo Sociology (general), Social Research
L Gc Law
L La Biology, Biophysics
L Lb Didactics of Biology
L Lg Medicine, Pharmaceutics
  Mathematics (L Ma - L Mp)
L Ma Mathematics (general), Didactics of Mathematics
L Md Arithmetic, Algebra
L Mg Geometry, Topology
L Mk Analysis
L Mp Numerical Mathematics, Stochastics
  Physics (L Na - L Nt)
L Na Physics (general)
L Nb Didactics of Physics
L Nc Theoretical Physics
L Nd Mechanics
L Ng Thermodynamics, Statistical Mechanics
L Np Atomic Physics, Molecular Physics
L Nr Nuclear Physics, Particle Physics
L Nt Solid-state Physics
  Chemistry (L Pa - L Pt)
L Pa Chemistry
L Pb Didactics of Chemistry
L Pc Theoretical and Physical Chemistry
L Pd Experimental and Analytical Chemistry
L Pk Inorganic Chemistry
L Pq Organic Chemistry
L Pt Chemical Biology
  Chemical Engineering (L Qa - L Qd)
L Qa Chemical Engineering
L Qc Chemical process engineering
L Qd Biotechnology
  Technology (L Sa - L Sn)
L Sa Technology (general)
L Sc Technical Mechanics
L Se Construction Design
L Sg Technical Drawing
L Sh Materials, Materials Testing and Corrosion
L Sk Didactics of Technology
L Sn Automation, Measuring, Operation, Control
L Sr Computer Sciences
L Ta Mechanical Engineering
L Tn Manufacturing Technology
L Va Electrical Engineering
L Vg Communications Engineering
L Vn Elektronics
L Xa Spatial and Regional Planning, Urban Planning - Departmental Library of Spatial Planning
L Xn Construction Engineering - Departmental Library of Spatial Planning
L Ya Science of Arts
L Yb Handicrafts and Cultural Anthropology of Textiles
L Ym Music
L Yn Sport