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University Bibliography of TU Dortmund University - Guidelines

Aim and services of the university bibliography

The aim of the university bibliography operated by the University Library is to present the research of scientists and scholars at TU Dortmund University.

For this purpose, bibliographic data on publications, research data and other research achievements published by members of TU Dortmund University are recorded. In addition, the affiliation of the scientists within TU Dortmund University is documented. When recording data, the UB generally uses standardized data as far as available.

University bibliography offers links to full texts of documents being available digitally, in case they are provided with individual and permanent addresses and are published sustainably, e.g. on Eldorado, the repository of TU Dortmund University.

University bibliography supports publication data management of authors amongst others by the possibility to embed individual publication lists in web pages or to generate them for special occasions. Furthermore, it provides a database for evaluations and bibliometric analyses.

University bibliography offers scientists the possibility to synchronize their ORCID record with university bibliography. Data imported from the ORCID record is refined into high-quality metadata in university bibliography. In addition, publications from the university bibliography can be imported into the ORCID record of the scientists if the owner of the ORCID record grants this right to university bibliography.

Notification to the university bibliography

A prerequisite for the take-up of a publication in university bibliography is its publication, i.e. it has been made available to a broad public for a certain period in printed or electronic form. Digital documents must be available in a stable and long-term manner, e.g. in a repository.

All employees of TU Dortmund University can enter publications into the editorial system of university bibliography themselves. Furthermore, publications can be imported into university bibliography via synchronization with the ORCID record of a certain person. For this, the person has to link his or her ORCID record to the editorial system of university bibliography and grant university bibliography the right to read his or her ORCID record.

University bibliography and data protection

University Library of TU Dortmund University takes the protection of personal data very seriously. Personal data collected within the framework of university bibliography are processed in compliance with the valid data protection regulations.

For data collected within the framework of university bibliography, the following applies in addition to the privacy policy of Dortmund University Library: if individual publications are not to be found in the university bibliography, it is possible to submit an informal request by e-mail to hochschulbibliographietu-dortmundde that the publication in question be made invisible to the general public.